Ashley Holmes
Adam Lewis Jacob
Josh Whitaker
Tom Esam
Matt Welch
David Fear
Doug Bowen
Emily Jane McCartan
John Henry Newton
Harry Meadley
Luc Fuller
Guy Broadhurst
Hannah Lees
Matthew Merrick
Helena Kate Whittingham
David Steans
Candice Jacobs
Linny Venables
Triple OG

Music by Ilja Karilampi

Curated by Calum Crawford and Joe Fletcher Orr

“When there’s so many haters and negative things, I really don’t care”. – Kim Kardashian

***We r havin’ a party @RogueProjectSpace. Boys/girls were invited to make something for the partee, . U R ALL INVITED 2 come see (if you’re on the gl made by Triple OG). “Why are pv’s always so lame”- CC and JFO. “We never got to have a flat party and now that we are arty, we’d like to have one” If u wanna bring ur own WKD’S or bacardi breezerz then don’t be shy #BYOB #artyparty If u don’t know anything aba art then who cares cos #wedunnoshit***

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Ahmed & Carpenter are pleased to present I Dunno shit, the first in a series of ongoing curatorial collaborations between Joe Fletcher Orr (@cactusliverpool) and Calum Crawford (@calumcrawford).

Occupying @rogueprojectspace the artists have been invited to present solid party items, pro party, pro gangster, no haterz. The legacy of I Dunno Shit will only exist through a hired club photographer and disposable cameras free to use by people who haven’t heard of instagram. Think Kimye wedding via tumblr.

I Dunno Shit is supported by Arts Council England | Grants for the Arts

June 5 2014


CNV00011 CNV00029 CNV00055 CNV00007 CNV00053 CNV00022 CNV00017 CNV00057 CNV00039CNV00014 CNV00009 CNV00010 CNV00031 CNV00054 CNV00013 Photos by Katie Cooper

(The morning after)

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Photos by Richard Alderson


I dunno shit // Rogueprojectspace