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I’ve never written a press release before and to be honest most shows I go to I never read them they just either end up screwed up in my back pocket or in the washing machine ruining my clothes, I couldn’t give a fuck about bullshit jargon so I decided to tell a story about something that happened during the install of the show.

Its 11.30 am on Thursday the 6th of February, (a day before the show opens) we get to the space in high spirits with the walls erected and the wallpaper pasted just to finally hang the finishing touches. Joe’s searching the space trying to get all the work together for the install, we have a bit of a dilemma….

“We’ve lost Ryan Ganders work” says Joe, in a stressed out tone, slowly his skin turning whiter and whiter thinking about how he’s going to inform Mr Gander himself of how he’s accidentally thrown his work out.

Monty always a calm head tells Joe that the work isn’t even here and is in his camouflaged Carhartt duffle bag which he left back at the flat we’re staying at.

Joe denies putting the work back in the bag and taking it home. Finally I convince him to head back to the flat and search the bag. We start walking, but I quickly holla down a cab as Its cold and I’m southern and not as tough as my friends from the north.

Joe is now in the taxi his skin colour a subtle green panicking repeating himself “what am I gunna say, how am I gunna explain to Ryan Gander I’ve lost his fucking work?!?!?!”

“It’s gunna be fine, it will turn up, it will be back in the flat don’t worry…” I say trying to reassure the panic stricken Scouser.

So we arrive at the flat and head silently back upstairs praying that the work is at the flat. I search for the key, hoping I haven’t left it back at the space and just made Joe pay for a taxi for me to have forgotten the key, I insert the key inside the hole and quickly get through the door and into the bedroom where Joe left the bag.

He sees the bag and automatically says “its not here, I can’t see it,” but after removing his clothes the envelope of both works appear, I let out a huge sigh of relief. So there it is, I suppose this will only end up in either your pocket for weeks or in the washing machine, so I’m sorry if it ruins your clothes.

Anyway thanks for reading, I wouldn’t of bothered if I was you its kind of a pointless story and i’ve just wasted however much of your time, but I feel like I had to share it with more than just the involved.

Calum Crawford
February 7 – 20, 2014
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Photographs by Richard Alderson


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